Buy Suppressors Online

If you are purchasing in-store, we will finish the entire transaction for you in only 30 minutes.


Selling the best brands of silencers / suppressors is something Anton Arms is proud of. We simplify the NFA procedure and provide the quality of service you demand. We serve as your sole point of contact for sales, accessories, and support when you make a purchase with us. Also, we take care of the challenging computerized Form 4 filing process entirely.


Our procedure is easy:

  1. Choose the suppressor that is best for you. See our videos, read our product reviews, or call us for advice from a professional.
  2. Send in your order. During checkout, we automatically take the $200 ATF tax stamp.
  3. Utilize our online tools to finish off your profile. So that we can compile your NFA papers, please provide the transferee information and attach your photo and trust (if applicable).
  4. Send us a copy of your fingerprints. You have two options for sending us your fingerprints: physically mailing a filled-out FD-258 fingerprint card or sending them electronically via an EFT file. Using our at-home fingerprint equipment, you can print yourself in the comfort of your own home. Your fingerprints are digitally captured for electronic submission, and we save them on file for future orders.
  5. Digitally sign your Form 4 and confirm that it will be filed electronically.

Await the acceptance of your Form 4, then take delivery of your new suppressor / silencer. 

When you place further orders, you can move straight to step 5 and only need to digitally sign your forms and certify because we securely save all of your information there.




Since 2019, Anton Arms LLC has been a recognized FFL and has been doing business in North Carolina. If we have a facility in your state, we can process your electronic Form 4 via eForms, sell you the silencer/NFA item, and then deliver the NFA item right to your house once the ATF has given its permission. There are no middlemen or additional FFLs involved, thus there are no transfer fees and a shorter approval wait time! You can rely on Anton Arms to be your one and only point of contact for our experience, assistance, and industry knowledge. Our in-house developed software accelerates the NFA filing procedure and enables us to accurately and promptly submit your electronic Form 4.


If we are not currently operating in your state, we are pleased to transfer your order to a nearby dealer by choosing one from our selection of thousands, and we’ll file the transfer pap