How to buy a gun online

It might seem scary to buy a gun online, but the process is actually very easy and painless. In general, you buy from our website, firearms ship to your chosen United States FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee), and you take your gun home.
Take comfort in the fact that all of the guns we sell are NEW from the manufacturer, unless they are listed as USED.
HOW TO BUY A GUN ONLINE: FIRST STEP: Choose a gun from our large selection of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Please do a quick Google search to make sure that UPC is exactly what you want. We do our best to make sure listings are correct, but our website pulls information from multiple sources, so a quick UPC/Google search to confirm will make sure you get what you paid for.
STEP 2: Buy the gun(s) you want and choose the FFL you want at checkout. As shown in step 3, all guns ship to an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee)
STEP 3: Find an FFL-licensed dealer, choose them during checkout, and have them send us their license as instructed in the confirmation email. You can also use our FFL finder tool, which is on a tab during checkout or here: This list is a general list of all FFLs. It is not necessarily a list of who we ship to or have shipped to.
A few notes about this:
+ PER ATF Requirements We need the real license of the dealer we are sending the gun to. After the online gun sale, have your local dealer email their FFL (Federal Firearms License) to with your order number in the header. We don’t talk to the gun dealer who is getting the gun unless you tell us to. In that case, send your order number and their email address to and ask us to request their license. We don’t call other dealers to save time.
+ If the dealer you want is in green, it means that we have their most recent FFL on file. This doesn’t always mean that they’re ready to go. Their most recent license might have run out, they might be closed, or they might not be taking transfers. Please get in touch with this dealer to make sure they are okay with gun transfers and will accept dropship transfers. Please find out when they are open, what their rules are, and how much it costs to transfer.
+ Receiving A transfer fee is what dealers will charge. This is something they decide, and we don’t charge for it. This is the fee they charge for getting the money transfer and filling out the paperwork. Ask the dealer what their fee is ahead of time so you don’t get caught off guard. Most dealers charge between $20 and $50, but this can vary.
+ You may get more than one email if we don’t have the physical signed license of the local FFL to verify and keep on file to ship to. If you get these emails, it means that we don’t have their license or that it was sent to us in a format that we can’t search or open. Please read these instructions carefully to make sure your gun ships quickly.
+ If we don’t get FFL within 5 business days, we will cancel/refund this order and may charge a cancellation fee based on our store’s policies.
STEP 4: We send the gun out and send tracking information. We ship guns ourselves, and we also dropship guns so that they can ship and arrive at different times. We use the best ways to ship guns, like UPS, FEDEX, SPEEDEE, or USPS. This will be chosen by us, and you can’t tell us what you want.
STEP 5: The gun(s) arrive at the receiving dealer or FFL and are checked in. The dealer or FFL will usually call you when the gun is ready to be transferred. Please wait for them to call the phone for a day or two. Even if it gets to the dealer, that doesn’t mean they have time to check it in and file the paperwork correctly. If you ordered more than one gun but only want to make one trip, make sure that all of the guns have arrived.
STEP 6: You go to the receiving dealer, look at the gun, say “Accept Transfer,” pay the receiving dealer’s FFL transfer fee, fill out any paperwork that needs to be done, and pick up your gun.
STEP 7: Take the gun home, read the owner’s manual, clean and lubricate it as the manual says to get rid of any preservative oils, be responsible, stay safe, and have fun with your new FIREARM!
STEP 8: Start looking around for sights, holsters, and other accessories for your gun, or to buy your next gun online!
NOTE: Once you buy a gun, you can’t get it back. If your background check fails, we charge a 20% restocking fee. After the gun has been given to you, if you find any flaws or have any other problems with it, you should contact the gun’s manufacturer to get a replacement, warranty, or service. After a gun has been transferred, it can’t be brought back for any reason.

Let us help!

If there are any additional questions or you need help placing your order please let us know and we will be happy to assist.